World market leader thanks to precision: This is how Metabolon at Skygate is advancing a better understanding of health and disease

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A total of 600 square meters for genuine innovations in the life sciences sector: The US company Metabolon has relocated its international headquarters to Hallbergmoos, to the Munich Airport Business Park (MABP). The benefits of the location’s infrastructure advantages and its immediate proximity to the airport were decisive factors. The bright, open and generously designed premises at the Skygate Munich Campus – designed and refurbished by Rock Capital Group – not only guarantee a modern working atmosphere, but also ample opportunities to comply with the pandemic-related distance requirements, which can be guaranteed at all times despite the close cooperation between several employees. And something else could prove a genuine locational advantage: Pieris Pharmaceuticals, another guarantor of innovation in the biotechnology field, is located in the immediate vicinity. The promotion of mutual synergies could transform the MABP into a high-performance center for the so-called life sciences.

With its work in the field of metabolomics, the US company, founded in 2000 and headquartered in North Carolina, is proving itself as a genuine innovation driver in the health sector, which is not only booming due to corona. Key to understanding biology, health, well-being and disease, metabolomics relies on the study of small molecules, known as metabolites, which provide valuable insight into the influences of external and internal factors such as disease, health, nutrition and others on biological systems. „Our Precison Metabolomics™ technology offers biomarker detection, innovative diagnostic tests, and breakthrough genomics and population health data. This extensive scope of applications positions us uniquely in life science research,“ said Michael Rasche, President and General Manager, International Business at Metabolon.

After Corona had ensured that some of the corresponding work in 2020 was done from home offices, the international business team, which is constantly growing and on the lookout for new talent, has established its premises in Hallbergmoos in order to drive both the commercial side of the company and the laboratory work forward. The immediate proximity to the airport is a particular advantage, as Rasche emphasizes: „We not only receive medical samples here, but also expect regular international customer traffic. Consequently, the proximity to the airport was a decisive criterion for us, while the proximity to Munich and the associated infrastructure is another key factor. „And what does the future hold? In addition to important findings in some of the most pressing and complex fields of life sciences, additional growth is part of the picture. „By setting up a laboratory and expanding the commercial segment in Hallbergmoos, we are naturally hoping for further synergies with other companies. In view of the increasing number of biotech companies located here, the community has the potential to develop into a genuine, dedicated life sciences center,“ as Michael Rasche explained.

Photo credit © Rock Capital Group, Claus Uhlendorf

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